21 Standardised Assessment and Reporting System of functioning of people with chronic diseases (StARS)


Rehabilitation aims to optimise functioning of people with a health condition. Functioning is assessed using clinical tests and questionnaires. Standardized reporting allows for the comparison of functioning data.

Portrait / project description (ongoing research project)

The first step will be to harmonise existing data about functioning that have been collected at specialised rehabilitation clinics. These data will then be used to identify the ways in which patients’ functioning develops in the course of rehabilitation and factors that influence these developments, both within and between different groups of patients. Structured dialogues with relevant stakeholders in the health system will be used to develop strategies for establishing the findings in national quality management system. Focus groups of healthcare professionals will also be organised to define the requirements for a web-based system capable of supporting clinical decisions.


The primary aim of rehabilitation for people with chronic diseases is not to achieve cure but to optimize functioning in everyday life. This is systematically tested using clinical tests and assessments. This information forms the basis of clinical decisions and the assessment of outcome quality. These data often have to be compiled from different systems. The absence of a standardised reporting system makes this task comparison more difficult.


The aim of the study is to develop a standardised reporting system of functioning of patients with a chronic condition in order to ensure targeted and high-quality care. In addition, strategies will be developed for establishing this reporting system in national quality management and in clinical decision support tools.

Relevance / Application

The study will facilitate a standardised reporting system for the rehabilitation of chronically ill people that builds upon established recording methods. It will make an important contribution to monitoring targeted, individual rehabilitation and to achieving a fundamental improvement in the quality of rehabilitation.

Original title

Enhancing continuous quality improvement and supported clinical decision making by standardized reporting of functioning

Project leaders


  • Prof. Dr. Gerold Stucki, Schweizer Paraplegiker-Forschung, Guido A. Zäch Institut, Nottwil


  • Dr. Birgit Prodinger, Schweizer Paraplegiker-Forschung, Guido A. Zäch Institut, Nottwil



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